Top rated travel nurse agencies

top rated travel nurse agencies

The Ratio of Travel Nurses to Travel Nursing Companies. We estimate that there are anywhere from 38,000 to 44,000 travel nurses. We base this estimate on two variables. First, Staffing Industry Analysts estimates that 19% of all travel nurses work for American Mobile.
The agency was voluntarily rated by a nurse traveler in the last 3 months. Only ratings submitted on or before December 31, 2018 were used. The agency must must have at least 20 ratings to qualify, with at least 10 coming in 2018.

Does the company tend to pay a higher base rate with lower see more reimbursements or a lower base rate with higher non-taxable reimbursements?

top rated travel nurse agencies

This is the second year in top rated travel nurse agencies row that we have had LiquidAgents ranked at number 13 on our list. This is especially important if you want to travel to places such as Hawaii and Alaska. My husband and I decided to start living married top rated travel nurse agencies rated travel nurse agencies by adventuring together.

Therefore, we would need to add up every score for each company to determine the actual average rating.

top rated travel nurse agencies

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