Fast staff nursing agency

fast staff nursing agency

Fastaff and U.S. Nursing use this system to give healthcare professionals online access to their information. For help, email or call 1-800-736-8773.
Oct 31, 2019 · I have been a travel nurse for nearly 4 years now. I go back and forth between Critical Care and ED/Trauma. Fastaff is one of the companies I created a profile with and was very satisfied with their services. fast staff nursing agency

My recruiter, Thampi, is always so helpful and amazing. I am so thankful that it worked out that Britanny is my recruiter, she is the best!

fast staff nursing agency

They are dishonest and fail to communicate. I just finished my first assignment with Faststaff, one in which I extended.

My recruiter, Thampi Marhews has always been super helpful and encouraging.

fast staff nursing agency

Tem certeza de que deseja substituí-la? This is my first contract with fastaff I'd have to say, "meh" I mean working 48hours a week isn't terrible.

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