Cruise entertainment agency

cruise entertainment agency

Cruise Talent is the leading directory for all entertainment professionals wanting to work within the cruise industry.. Some of the largest cruise ship recruiters and agencies use our services to look for professional performers, lecturers and entertainment technicians to fill their vacancies.
Jan 01, 2014 ยท The Agency Excellent Entertainment. Located in the UK, The Agency Excellent Entertainment is a provider of entertainment in the cruise industry. They represent musicians and guest entertainers in a variety of talent. Interested performers can join their agency by completing an online application via their website.

Join the Flagship team and let the journey begin.

cruise entertainment agency

All my contracts were awesome, and I had lots great experiences traveling all cruise entertainment agency the globe, gigging with some great cruise entertainment agency, and meeting some awesome people cruise entertainment agency became my friends.

Your journey starts here.

cruise entertainment agency

They represent musicians and guest entertainers in a variety of talent. Contract Starts: Next year.

cruise entertainment agency

I'm having a ball. If you want to become a cruise ship musician, we've got you covered.

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