Bsm shipping agency

bsm shipping agency

BLUE SEA MARINE SHIPPING AGENCY (abbreviated as BSMS) grown rapidly since its inception, we have kept pace with our customers, working together to provide solutions to customers reasonable shipping, saving, fast and safe.
BSM Crew Service Centre Manila was established in 2003, following the merge between Philippine Hanse Ship Agency (incorporated in 1979) and Hammonia Marine Services (incorporated in 1981). The Crew Service Centre provides international customers with recruitment and supply of competent, experienced and well-trained seafarers. bsm shipping agency

· Discover something new in our heritage biannual magazine. · Building on the success of its existing LiveFleet web portal, Bsm shipping agency announces the launch of its LiveFleet mobile app, available on iOS bsm shipping agency Android.

bsm shipping agency

पृष्ठाचा उद्देश आणखी चांगल्या प्रकारे जाणून घेण्यात मदत करण्यासाठी Facebook माहिती दाखवत आहे. Bsm shipping agency close relationship with the owner is essential for a successful agency, he says, and he argues that honesty, transparency bsm shipping agency bsm shipping agency form the basis for that.

Welcome to Bsm shipping

Bsm shipping agency recent years we have managed numerous projects and vessel mobilizations with the support of a strong marine management team that delivered time and again.

· Read now the Country Profile from. · celebrated the of its in the last week at an appreciation dinner event bsm shipping agency into thank its seafarers and shore staff for their contributions.

Introducing New BSM CEO

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