Most expensive drink on carnival cruise

most expensive drink on carnival cruise

The Grey Goose VX was the most expensive we could find at that was at $18. As others have mentioned there are other items out there over 50$ including the special Cognac at the lobby bar. 75$ a...
Apr 30, 2019 · If the average Carnival drink prices are around $12.95 for a cocktail, and let’s say you only drink 5 per day, that comes to $64.95, and with gratuity, it comes to $76.64! most expensive drink on carnival cruise

On another thread people were taking about puyat sp? Purchase it Online It is ridiculously easy to order the CHEERS!

most expensive drink on carnival cruise For me, one of the favorite things to do is to sit in the AFT of the ship with a drink in my hand and enjoy the wake.

Sent from my iPhone using What is the most expensive drink you've ordered on a carnival cruise?

most expensive drink on carnival cruise

Https:// most expensive drink on carnival cruise Miracle Jason made it perfectly.

I want to resurrect this, as I am interested in what high end liquors might be available to try on Carnival's ships.

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