Handspan adventure travel halong bay

handspan adventure travel halong bay

Nov 10, 2019 · Since 1997 Handspan Travel Indochina has been owned and staffed by people for whom travel is not simply an interesting job, but an all-consuming passion of exploring and understanding the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit our planet.We believe that tourism is fundamentally about connecting people and that the differences that separate us can be bridged with the span of an extended.
Combine a unique cruise to explore Halong's gorgeous sites and local life with an expedition to the Halong-on-land’s backyard. This trip starts with our one-night cruise on the TREASURE Junk (less travelled cruising routes, a spacious sundeck and some complimentary kayaking to the quiet parts of the bay). handspan adventure travel halong bay

While all this was going on back of a cafe office situated handspan adventure travel halong bay of a cafewould have been nice if had got me a cup of coffee or click a drink of water!

Food was great and kayaking is highly recommended.

handspan adventure travel halong bay

They are experts - and don't take no for an answer. From 6:30 am, coffee, tea and cakes will be served. THAI made us a gastronomic tour of Hanoi which was absolutely marvelous.

handspan adventure travel halong bay

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