G adventures yolita

g adventures yolita

Seven nights cruising in the Galápagos Islands aboard the Yolita, explore the least visited islands of Isabela and Genovesa to see massive bird colonies and impressive volcanoes, relax on the white-sand beaches, hike to the top of the Sierra Negra volcano the most recently active volcano in the Galápagos, go snorkelling with sea lions and search for turtles and rays.
Seven nights cruising in the Galápagos Islands aboard the Yolita. Explore the beautiful central, south and east Islands to see iguanas and sea lions, relax on the white sandy beaches, enjoy an amazing snorkelling experience at the ‘Devil's Crown’, visit Post Office Bay, Cerro Dragón for some excellent birdwatching, and snorkel with the local wildlife.

Complete Galápagos - Yolita by G Adventures with 3 Tour Reviews (Code: SEV17YA) - TourRadar

It was too long, g adventures yolita days are enough. Guide and crew were friendly and made our experience enjoyable.

g adventures yolita

Single travellers joining group trips are paired in twin or multi-share accommodation with someone of the same sex for the duration of the trip.

Hike the trail for a chance to see land tortoises in the wild, watching for land iguanas along the way. g adventures yolita

g adventures yolita

We have been with G Adv to Alaska, Amazon River Cruise, G adventures yolita Picchu And Amazon Basin.

Ideally 3 months before travel.

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