Allure of the seas adventure ocean

allure of the seas adventure ocean

On port days, Adventure Ocean is open for the entire duration your Royal Caribbean ship is in port.   Once the ship leaves port, it resumes the normal schedule described in sea days. In addition, Royal Caribbean will open Adventure Ocean early enough for guests booked on Royal Caribbean shore excursions to drop children off.
THERE'S MORE TO SEA DAYS Forget same-old poolside lounging — the Amplified Allure of the Seas® takes sea days to thrilling new levels with all new adventures. Like the tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss℠ and The Perfect Storm℠ waterslide trio. Totally reimagined spaces for kids at Adventure Ocean® and hangouts exclusively for teens. allure of the seas adventure ocean

Port day hours are different from sea days Aside from embarkation day, there are two types of Adventure Ocean operating hours: port days and sea days.

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The programming is included in the cruise fare. You will have to check with Adventure Ocean for exact hours, but expect it to be open the first night. Royal Caribbean has completed more of the improvements to Adventure of the Seas recently. Check the Cruise Compass for the exact time.

allure of the seas adventure ocean

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