Adventure of the seas concierge lounge

adventure of the seas concierge lounge

The only twp Voyager-class ships that still have Concierge Clubs are the Voyager and the Explorer. On each of the other three ships in that class, they converted the old Concierge Club that was on deck 9 to 4 new inside staterooms during a dry dock and then added a Suite Lounge on deck 14.
Adventure of the Seas Concierge Club: Guests staying in Grand Suite-level rooms and higher, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor Society members enjoy access to this lounge serving complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks.

That will be harder for them to do because it will certainly be a diminution in benefit for Diamond level.

adventure of the seas concierge lounge

New lounge is so much better. I do see a Suite lounge on deck 14 and diamond lounge on 14 but the Concierge lounge on deck 9 is gone.

adventure of the seas concierge lounge

When you visit our photo galleries, you can be assured that what you see is what you get. However, I do adventure of the seas concierge lounge think that anyone in management wants to do that.

adventure of the seas concierge lounge

How long until the D lounge becomes the D+ lounge.

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