Active adventures galapagos

active adventures galapagos

Enjoy fully guided, all inclusive tours of the amazing Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador with Active Adventures South America.
The 'Tortuga' is an active adventure trip around the Galapagos Islands, not a tour of the fanciest hotels! We stay in clean, comfortable and interesting accommodation and, unlike many other operators, we prefer to stay on the mainland rather than on live-aboard boats.

Galapagos Islands Tours | Active Adventures

That's why finding a Galapagos itinerary with a fair combination of activities is the best way adventure cruises make the most active adventures galapagos of your once-in-a-lifetime trip to these precious islands.

See what other travellers have posted about these destinations and which of our trips could bring you there! Small Groups With our small groups no more than 14you'll get to know our team, your active adventures galapagos travellers, and have the flexibility and freedom to do as much or as little!

active adventures galapagos

Active adventures galapagos tunnels were formed by molten lava flowing beneath the surface, which left behind large tube-like caves, some almost a mile long! You can fly into Quito airport Source any time active adventures galapagos the first day of your active adventures galapagos, though we recommend you arrive before noon.

As we hike, we might be lucky enough to see Galapagos hawks, short-eared owls, finches and fly-catchers that inhabit this region.

active adventures galapagos

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