What brands does carnival own

It can be a little confusing trying to sort out which company owns which cruise lines, so this post will answer what other cruise lines are owned by the parent company of Carnival Corporation & PLC.
Carnival has a portfolio of the world’s most widely recognized cruise brands, which complement each other by geography, serve nearly every segment of the cruise industry and provide our guests with virtually endless holiday choices—so many, in fact, that they need to look no further than the Carnival family when selecting a cruise vacation.

With 12 ships already in its what brands does carnival own, AIDA Cruises is building its largest ship to date 180,000 tons which should be delivered sometime this year. Both Carnival Corporation and RCCL are public corporation with shares traded on the what brands does carnival own exchanges.

In October 2015,a joint venture between Carnival, theand thewas founded, with operations expected to commence in 2019.

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Royal also has a 50 percent ownership interest in TUI Cruises 3 ships plus one on order. That is a https://letsgoincruises.com/address/molina-healthcare-claims-address.php question, I don't know what perks they give what brands does carnival own their past guests, but that does give me the idea to ask.

There were 14 Costa ships within the Carnival Corporation cruise line group in 2018. The company employs about 9,000 people from 40 countries on shore and on board AIDA ships.

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